Your new phone company - Google!

Over the past few years Google has been amassing a large amount of technology that can successfully change the way phone service is provided to millions of households, mobile phones and company phone systems.  You may remember the days of only having one phone provider in your area (usually called something Bell).  Then you would have to pick a long distance provider such as AT&T, Sprint, MCI etc.  Well, the game has certainly changed in recent years.   Now there are a large number of different phone service providers in local areas and then there are the VoIP service providers that pretty much overlap and cover 800% of the world now.  How is it all possible then you may ask?  Well FIBER is the secret.  Fiberoptic cables cover a large portion of the USA and other countries around the world.  And guess which company owns TONS of FIBER?  Hopefully from the title of this article you can guess - yup - its Google.

A few years ago there was a phone service that came out called GrandCentral.  Basically the service gave you a phone number that you could setup to forward calls when people called it.  You could forward them to your home, your cell, work or pretty much anywhere you wanted.  Google bought that company and launched Google Voice.  With this service Google added voicemail, multiple phone number forwarding (i.e. you can ring every phone you own by calling one number) and pretty much created an amazing program with which you can save tons of money on your phone bill.  If you have a cell phone with a friends or favorites program, you can set your Google Voice number up as a favorite so all calls from it are free.  Then you dont give out your cell number, you give out the Google Voice phone number.  Now whenever anyone calls you, its a free inbound call.  Brilliant.  Now you can sit on the phone for hours late at night while you ask your girlfriend what she is thinking about and then she can reply, nothing much what are you thinking about and go on and on for hours.  Its free, so why not fall asleep listening to eachother breath over the phone.

Most recently Google made another interesting purchase of a company called Gizmo5 which is a very similar online calling system to Skype.  This system also lets you setup some friends lists etc. and there are rumors that Google is setting up a massive phone network that will essentially make phone calls free.  Now we know that Google has to make money on it somehow, so lets setup a way to show (listen) to advertisments each time a call is made and presto!  Free phone calling is on its way to the masses.  I personally cant wait to ditch the annoying amounts of money it costs just to have a device that telemarketers and survey companys can use to reach me on.  Anyone important already knows my cell phone.  Yet for some reason, I just cant bring myself to cut off the rest of the world.

So there you have it.  Another feather has been plucked and placed in the almighty Googleized hat.  Its coming and when it does, remember you heard it from us at first! For more information on providers, pricing and support options, please see our VoIP Reviews.